Combined Pump and Gripper

Combined Pump and Gripper


Best to use a decentralized vacuum system

A decentralized system with the vacuum pump/cartridge placed directly at the point of suction eliminates the risk of loss in the vacuum piping and the need for expensive, oversized components. The response time will be reduced substantially without unnecessary volume to be evacuated. In addition, each cup is independent, so a pressure loss in one cup will not affect the others.

image9 Combined Pump and Gripper


Typical decentralized vacuum system. Vacuum gripper VGS™3010 with suction cup FC75P. Red tubing = Compressed air

Decentralized system (VGS™) – Best option!

  • Lowest energy
  • Fastest cycle time
  • Safest product handling
  • Most flexible design for zoning
  • Easiest troubleshooting
  • Most consistent /even performance

image13 Combined Pump and Gripper


If not, design a centralized vacuum system

A centralized vacuum system is designed to have one vacuum source for multiple suction points. With the vacuum source located further from the cup, system performance loss increases due to restrictions in tubing fittings and manifolds. More energy needs to be expended to overcome these losses and achieve required system performance


image22 Combined Pump and Gripper


Typical centralized vacuum system. Vacuum pump P5010 with suction cup FC75P.

Red tubing = Compressed air
Blue tubing = Vacuum

  • Centralized system
  • Easy installation
  • Easy vacuum sensing and controls
  • Light end of arm tooling
  • Easy filtration options


image32 Combined Pump and Gripper