piGRIP Modular suction cup

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Suction cups/grippers piGRIP® Modular suction cups


piGRIP® – Thousands of suction cups ready to improve your machine 


A unique modular suction cup concept with individually optimized parts for gripping, lifting and height compensation.

PiGrip 33 11 piGRIP Modular suction cup

A large selection of fittings makes piGRIP® cups ready to fit new machines and easy to retrofit existing cups.

One support per size works as a gateway for all bellows and lips (flat cups).

Firm and stable 1- and 3- folded bellows allows  for faster machine speeds. Thin-wall design makes them faster to compress using less force and energy. The strength of the material increases lifting capacity between 30-50% compared to similar conventional cups.

A low micron filter disc inside the bellows traps dust and particles increasing system reliability.

Get an excellent grip on almost anything with the right lip for your application. Choose standard lips from

60° shore to extremely flexible, soft lips in 30° shore. Even foam lips for objects which are difficult to grip with traditional cups.


PiGrip 33 3 piGRIP Modular suction cup                                                                       PiGrip 33 2 piGRIP Modular suction cup


PiGrip 34 piGRIP Modular suction cup

piGrip 35 piGRIP Modular suction cup



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